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COVID-19 Relief (CARES Act)

During this time of great uncertainty, one thing is certain: that every individual, household, business, and organization in the United States are feeling the impact of the global Coronavirus Pandemic. As we work together to reduce the spread of infections by staying home and closing non-essential businesses, an unprecedented number of people are facing layoffs, furloughs, unemployment, reduced hours, and/or reduced wages.

In the face of economic hardship, among the first concerns for many homeowners is, “How will I pay my mortgage?” Government at all levels from Federal to State to municipal, are working to help our national economy as a whole, and individual businesses and households survive the financial effects of the health crisis. Continue reading COVID-19 Relief (CARES Act)

How to Market Yourself While Social Distancing

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The social distancing required of all of us to stop the spread of the Coronavirus is causing serious challenges to most businesses. How can we continue to market our products and services if we can’t be in the same room with anyone other than our immediate family?
Despite the obstacles, we must continue to move forward, promoting our businesses to thrive during the current public health crisis, and after. Continue reading How to Market Yourself While Social Distancing